The tech toy I fell in love with

It is hard to find a toy for your child these days that doesn’t have technology at its center. And yet, there are only a handful that make sense to me. Read on to find out the tech toy that brought joy to our family recently.

Being an avid reader, I started reading to my daughter when she was 2 months old. There were times when I would read aloud from the books I was in the middle of reading. I wanted her to hear the words and how they form in the mouth.

Since then, we have collected over 70 books, 90% of which are pre-loved, and she enjoys going through them. Recently, we were gifted a set of books that came with a me-reader that reads out the pages of the books.

The set we have consists of 8 books – Winnie The Pooh, Aladdin, Peter Pan, The Lion King, Dumbo, 101 Dalmatians, The Jungle Book and Finding Nemo.

Now I am not a fan of any toy that has anything to do with technology and requires a child to press buttons and look at screens to do basic things in life. Book reading is also that basic thing.

But I have to share with you the joy this gift has brought into our lives. It’s been a couple of months since we received it from a dear friend. These days, if my daughter wants to read The Lion King or Winnie The Pooh, she takes her “e-reader” and sits down all by herself. She has mastered the art of pressing the color-coded buttons. It is wonderful to see how she has figured out the pattern to read the right page.

The toy combines real reading and technology beautifully.

The narration is expressive, accompanied by different sounds. It’s colorful and the best part is that the me-reader is not a necessity here. You can simply read the books too. This toy combines real reading and technology beautifully.

My daughter listens to the me-reader intently and patiently (might be because of the low volume), but it is something I can’t teach her only through instructions. It is so wonderful to watch her focus. She knows all the 8 stories well now. It’s amazement that I feel every time she explains them to us.

The intent of this article is to also share with you how I’ve realized that not all technology is bad. I read online recently about the professions that will exist in 15-20 years from now. We don’t even know what they will be and what knowledge they’ll require. Technology will, of course, be at the center of it all.

We are raising children in the digital age. We cannot keep them away from it. But what we can do is make them understand the correct usage of it. We will have to show them not everything real can be replicated. Real, and not virtual experiences, remain our reality.

And then, we’ll have to trust the wisdom of our child.

I think this has to be the only tech toy in the last three years that I’ve come to appreciate. All others are still not of any use to me or my daughter. But we will have to get wiser along the way.

Let’s remember that the me-reader can never replace real books. Yes never. Therefore, we still read real books together. Almost every day.

Nothing can replace the love in your voice when you read aloud to a loved one.

On that note, next time you want to gift something gadget-y to a child, go for this one. Let me know if it made a child happy!

Here’s the Amazon link for the toy:

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