Celebrating Friendship Day means getting in touch with friends, old and new, and expressing our love right? But this time, we thought it might also be a good day to confess. Three of our bloggers come together to share friendship lessons they learnt for life.

My immaturity made me a bad friend

Dearest Neeti,

As a 17-year-Old, little did I know that distraction can make one so selfish and rude. When I first met you, I was in awe of your innocence. I thought I was innocent back then, but you, you were so pure and gentle.

Your child-like quality is what set you apart and maybe it was also the reason you didn’t have friends. Yes, I judged you. 

You loved me with all your heart but I was busy with heartbreaks and syllabus. I had no clue in which direction my life was moving. How could I help you? I know you reached out more than twice, and every time I didn’t show up. The worst part is it’s all so blurry owing to my hazy hormonal days.

So today, I apologize to you for being the selfish teenager who couldn’t support you in your fight at home – with abuse and oppression. 

I hope you did find strength though, to fight it all and are shining bright with your innocence as your weapon now. 


Your immature friend

Heartfelt apology

Dearest bestie,

I love you a lot and still miss the happy and sad times spent with you. But I am really sorry for not able to respond to your phone calls and messages on time. I am sorry for not taking out enough time to meet you when I visit my hometown.

Most importantly, I am sorry for taking you for granted. But trust me you are in my memories and I think of you almost every day. On the eve of this friendship day, I promise to call you up and inquire about your well-being.

Miss you a lot, the same way you do!

Learning the hard way

I have had bittersweet experiences of friendship and being an introvert, I still remember, she was the first girl I dared to speak to. Later I realized, she was an introvert too and maybe that’s why we hit it off instantly. From sharing a bus ride to projects, she perfectly blended in my life.

There were no secrets and our bond was built on love and trust. I admired my friend for her sheer brilliance, her take on life and clarity of thoughts. I was proud of her. But…

In the last year of college, we had to choose subjects and like always, I filled out my form and took one for her. I assumed she would take up the same subject. But she insisted on filling it at home and I respected her decision.

It was only after the break, when we returned to college, did I realize that she had chosen another subject and was not even my classmate anymore.

From betrayal and sadness to anger and helplessness, I felt them all. A storm of mixed emotions had engulfed me.

But today, I can look back and say the incident made me a stronger, practical and wiser person. Friendship doesn’t mean forcing someone. It means respecting each other’s choices and priorities.

Our bloggers chose to remain anonymous. If you have a confession, send it to us and we will publish it.

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